CRM24x7 Introduction
  1. What is CRM?
           CRM is defined as the set of processes and technologies used to acquire, retain, empower and enhance customer relationships.

  2. What is CRM24x7?
           CRM24x7 is the World’s Most comprehensive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solution available on Hosted Model (On-Demand) in India

  3. For what areas can I use CRM24x7 within my organization?

    • easySales could be used by your Sales Department for Sales Force Automation.

    • easySupport could be used by your Customer Support Department for Customer Service.

    • easyContracts could be used by your Contracts Department to create, track and manage complex customer support contracts and provide service as defined by these contracts.

    • easyInventory could be used by your Inventory Department to manage Inventory & stocking levels.

    • easyOrderProcessing could be used to process orders from sales and support.

    • easySelf-Service could be used by your Customers to Create Trouble Tickets on their own via internet.

    • easySupportPartner-Portal could be used by your partner companies to provide Customer Support to your customers.

    • easyResellerPortal could be used by your resellers to create, track and manage their sales prospects, Leads and opportunities.

  On-Demand Hosted CRM24x7
  1. What is CRM24x7 On-Demand / Hosted Model?
           CRM24x7 as an application will be available to you through CRM24x7 website. Our Customers will visit our website daily, login through the Customer Login Page, Use the application to manage Sales Prospects or manage Customer Support issues. Logout, in the evening before leaving the office. This is called the Hosted Model.

  2. What are the advantages of Hosted Model?

    • Most Affordable – Use it for a small fee / user / month.

    • Zero Upfront Cost – No Hardware to buy, no software to install.

    • Ready within minutes – Sign up and start using the application.

    • Comprehensive Solution – Start with 1 Module and adapt others as your business grows.

    • Management Dashboards – Up-to-the second snapshot reporting.

    • Zero Risk – Try it, if you don’t like – get a full refund.

    •  Scalability – Start small with 5 users and scale up to 500 or 5000 users.

    • Availability -= Access from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

  Benefits of CRM24x7
  1. What are the benefits of CRM24x7?

    • Increase Sales Revenue.

    • Sales Prospects Data kept intact.

    • Up sell / Cross-sell.

    • Service Excellence.

    • Customer Retention.

    • Repeat Business.

    • Manage Customer Contracts.

    • Increase Maintenance Revenue.

    • Streamline Inventory.

    • Optimize Inventory Cost.

    • Streamline Sales Orders and Support Part Requests.

    • Reduce Service Delivery Costs.

    • Access via Blackberry from anywhere in the world.

    • Up-to-the Second management statistics.

    • Global Competing Capabilities.

    • Increase Business Value

  Data Security & Usage
  1. How secure is my data?
           Your data is 100% secured at our site. Your access to our application is through a secured site. Each and every Customer will have a separate database and hence under no circumstance some other customer can see your data.
  2. Will CRM24x7 use my data for any other purpose?
           Your data is your property. CRM24x7 is responsible for keeping it safe and secured as long as you are a paying customer. Under no circumstance CRM24x7 will take your data and use it for any other purpose other than storing it for you and securing it for back-up and recovery.

  3. What Happens to my data, if I terminate my contract with CRM24x7?
           CRM24x7 will give your data on a file within 30 days from the date of termination of the contract.

  Payment Obligation
  1. What are my payment obligations?
           You are liable to pay each month for using the application. If you fail, your access to using the application will be terminated.

  Increase the number of users
  1. What should we do if we have to increase the number of users?
           A simple phone call or an email can initiate the increase to the numbers of users accessing the application from your company.

  Licensing the application In-house
  1. Will you allow us to license the application after using it on Hosted Model?
           Yes, you can license the application after using it on hosted Model. Please call our sales department to know more about the cost of licensing the application in-house.
  2. Can I License the Application from Day1?
           Yes, You can license the application from the start. Please call our sales department to know more about the cost of licensing the application in-house.