4 Easy Steps to sign up for our License Model & Implement it Successfully.

      STEP: 1

Register for Licensing the Application.

     You will be contacted by a member of our sales team within 1 Business Day.
    STEP: 2

Sign Up our License Agreement and Pay the LICENSE Fees. You are one step closer to getting the Product CDs.

      STEP: 3
      Select your Operating Environment

      License Platform (Windows, Unix, SQL Server, Oracle) or 100% Open Source Platform (LINUX,       MySQL,Jboss).

      STEP: 4

     CRM24x7 can help you implement the application for a Fixed Cost. Our Professional Services Group  can do      the following Services for you Cost Effectively:

Installation & Configuration
Mapping Business Process
Gap Analysis
Data Migration (Built-in migration scripts can do it faster and easier)
End User Training, Administrator Training & Developer Training