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CRM24X7 is the most comprehensive CRM Solution available in India for Customer Service Sales Force Automation & Order Process. CRM24X7 empowers companies to Manage Customers Across Enterprise to achieve Service & Sales Excellence that leads to additional revenue, Customer Satisfaction, Retention, Up-sell/Cross Sell.

Customer can choose to use 1 Module or all Modules

CRM24x7 can help you increase new revenue (new sales), reduce the duration of sales cycle, reduce customer support cost, ensure Customer satisfaction, retention, up-sell/cross-sell, get repeat business & generate additional maintenance revenue, ultimately Increasing your Business Value.

CRM24X7 can be used to manage any of the following business functions:

CRM24X7 will most definitely contribute to Maximizing Revenue & Bottom-line Profitability by enhancing Employee Productivity, Management Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction & Employee Morale.

The vertical Solutions available with CRM24X7 are: