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CRM24X7 is the most comprehensive CRM Solution available in India for Customer Service Sales Force Automation & Order Process. CRM24X7 empowers companies to Manage Customers Across Enterprise to achieve Service & Sales Excellence that leads to additional revenue, Customer Satisfaction, Retention, Up-sell/Cross Sell.

CRM24X7 is uniquely designed & engineered to cater to the needs of all types of industries. Developed using J2EE Architecture, CRM24X7 is accessible from any Web browser to agents & customers worldwide. CRM24X7 empowers the Support & Sales Force to gain a 360 Degree view of their customers irrespective of their touch points. CRM24X7 was engineered to offer the Sales & Service Excellence Standards of Fortune 500 companies to Enterprise, Mid and Small Size Business.

CRM24X7 is modular in design, a small business may just use Customer Service Module to take care of their Customer Support issues or an Enterprise Customer needing all modules to handle their complex CRM needs. As your business grows (Small to Mid and Mid to Enterprise) and business process becomes more complex, all other modules of CRM24X7 could be used one by one to cater to the changes in business.

CRM24x7 can help you increase new revenue (new sales), reduce the duration of sales cycle, reduce customer support cost, ensure Customer satisfaction, retention, up-sell/cross-sell, get repeat business & generate additional maintenance revenue, ultimately Increasing your Business Value.